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Auburn University School of Architecture Visits Riverview!

3/9/2015 • Cassie Hooks Parker


What a delightful day at Riverview today! Photo: Auburn University School of Architecture Students We had the honor of hosting some of Auburn University’s architecture students as they visited our area. Dr. Bill Berry and Mayor Rob... Continue



The Riverview Version of

11/22/2014 • Cassie Hooks Parker


LET ME GO…the Riverview Version….featuring our campers and the voice of our worship leader Amy Wilson who recorded this in her personal studio! Enjoy! Are you signed up yet?
"Let Me Go... Continue



To Everything There Is A Season...

11/17/2014 • Susan Hooks


To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven-Ecclesiastes 3:1 Photo: The Cross at Riverview's Morning Watch Area I adore summer….of course I do! There are so many AMAZING kids running around our c... Continue



Costume Contest Winners!!!

11/11/2014 • Susan


WOW! We were so impressed with everyone's costume choices that we just came to a decision and here are our winners: Our 3rd place winners are: Mary Poppins (aka Anna Grace) hopes all young girls have a supercalifra... Continue



Riverview Halloween Costume Contest!!!

10/29/2014 • Cassie


We've sure had a busy fall! We've been traveling to see all of you and to tell all of your friends about Riverview! And now we're having a Halloween Costume Contest!!! Our fabulous prizes... Continue