Camp Songs & Song Book

Songs after meal times, tribe cheers and songs outside the dining hall before meals, campfire songs and more! Music and singing are a magical part of the Riverview Camp Community and are a memorable part of the camp experience. Often mother’s will tell us, “I love that my daughter is singing the same songs that I sang when I was here as a child!” The campfire circle is special - we sing here every night & feel close to God and each other before we say goodnight. The tribe songs are exhilarating and the songs after meals are always funny and fun too! Cabin songs, that each cabin will “make-up” and sing to the entire camp after meals, are always full of surprises! Sit back and relax and enjoy a variety of songs that will make you feel like you are at camp and if you know them sing along! If you are a new camper…it will be easy to sing along soon after listening to them a time or two!


  1. Sanctuary
  2. I'm Going to Riverview
  3. Amazing Grace (camp version)
  4. Peace on the Rock
  5. Trees
  6. Father, I Adore You
  7. Love Round
  8. Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord
  9. Shawnee Song
  10. Shawnee Song
  11. Pawnee Song
  12. Pawnee Song
  13. Chippewa Song
  14. Chippewa Song
  15. Crusader Song