Camp Traditions

Traditional Favorites:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Nutty-Buddy Night
    Trip Day
  • Beach Party Blowout Session M Special Event
  • Mardi Gras 1st Session Special Event
  • July 4th – Riverview Olympics – 2nd Session Special events
  • Christmas in July 3rd Session Special Event
  • Miss Riverview 4th Session Special Event
  • Cabin Fun Night
  • Hunting the Buffalo Rattle
  • Tribe Swim Meet
  • Olympics
  • Camper Talent Night
  • Theme Parties
  • Splash Out Night
  • Showtime
  • Indoor Tribe Scavenger Hunt
  • Counselor Hunt
  • Campfires
  • Laney/McCallie Dance
  • Sunday Pajama Breakfast
  • Homemade Doughnuts on Sunday
  • Pre-registration is fun! Whooo!
  • And more…
  • You’ll be amazed at all you can do!
  • River Reflections


Year after year campers pass down the essence of camp…and it is the traditions that that makes the Riverview Community one of strength that generates a loyalty to Riverview that is meaningful and memorable. The very foundation of camp is fun…and it is these fun traditions of summer camp that makes the memories that moms desire to pass to their daughters and campers desire to pass on to their friends! The most common answer to “How did you find out about camp?” is “A friend told me about it!” or “My mom (or cousin or sister) went here.” And we feel it is the Riverview Camp traditions that make camp worthy to pass along the message of “I’m going to Riverview, please come too!”


The Power of the Moment!
Adventure, Inspiration, Character, Confidence!




It is the moment’s at camp that are planned intentionally to prepare the way for our campers to know that they are each “a princess with a passion for life”…It is learning that when I am ready I can jump out off the V-Swing or Zip-line in Ropes Course, and learning from that powerful moment that the confidence that is gained carries forward to the rest of my life! Activity traditions and accomplishments are varied from the simple tasks to the more complex as each camper chooses an individual schedule. Because they “customize” their own schedule to blend with their own interest, their own choices become effective in molding each camper’s sense of Adventure, Inspiration, Character and Confidence! Every young girl dreams of being a princess…and every young girl should have the opportunity to explore life and discover new passions. Riverview Camp, with it’s traditions and strength of program, is here to help with that process!


The Tribes: Shawnees, Pawnees and Chippewas


“Being involved in a tribe is what completes the camp experience…I love being a part of my tribe so much. I’ve made friends from all age groups because of my tribe!”


Each summer, campers enjoy many of the same customs and traditions that make camp so memorable. The very first night with opening campfire ceremony will begin the traditions.



“As we gather around the first campfire with our “tribes” that we have just chosen to be a part of we feel the bonds of friendships grow stronger”.


The high-spirited and friendly competition between the tribes is one of those traditions, adding a strength to each camper’s development of good sportsmanship in an environment of healthy play.



“Every session is amazing by we love the Olympics that is a part of the 2nd Session July 4th celebration.”


As a Shawnee, Pawnee or Chippewa tribe member, you will enjoy the traditions of tribe competition through tennis tournaments, swim meets, sporting events, and many other activities. You will be cheering for your tribe members through your tribe songs and cheers, led by your own tribe leaders.




Tribe participation naturally develops leadership, cooperation and friendship among girls of different age groups. Often our campers are in the same tribe as their moms, cousins or sisters…and often family members choose to be in different tribes just for fun and to express their own individuality…and either way, the experience is amazing, exciting and meaningful.




















“The buffalo rattle can be hidden anywhere in camp and we look for it constantly as we walk from activity to activity! Finding the Buffalo Rattle is the most exciting thing that can happen for my tribe! Everything in camp stops…we run to the bell and ring it over and over again! It’s the only time that we are allowed to ‘stop’ camp to celebrate!”


Special Events


Evening programs and Special Events at Camp Riverview are also a part of the traditions that make returning to Camp Riverview so special each summer! Each session will include a special event and a variety of exciting evening programs that campers look forward to every summer! Beach Party Blowout, Mardi Gras, 4th of July, Olympics, Christmas, Miss Riverview and create magic moments through out the summer!




“Camp is the only place that we can have so much fun…and it is the kind of fun that we can only have it camp!”



Often, Riverview campers love to continue to return to the same session each summer, while others like to switch sessions just so they can experience all the summer camp Special Event variety that camp has to offer.


Evening Programs


The days are exciting and fun…and the evening programs at summer camp bring even more energy to each camper’s experience! Theme and Costume Parties, Showtime Night, Camper Talent Night, Counselor Hunt, Nutty Buddy Night…even a line-dance with a Camp Laney and Camp McCallie Sports Camp are a blur as each day just whizzes by! The fun is here at Camp Riverview…all we need is YOU to be here to make it all happen!



“My favorite nights were Splash Out, Cabin Fun Night and I just loved Trip Day!”
















Spiritual Emphasis Traditions


“Of all of the things I come back for, I love sitting in the quiet of the morning and hearing my favorite counselor at Morning Watch. Then I watch that counselor live out her faith each day. Campfire talks each night are just as affirming. Camp has grounded my faith and I love that I feel so close to God here! And Sunday Morning Worship always has something great! It is this emphasis at camp that has helped me make better decisions and has strengthened in my faith.”



The beauty and natural setting of the Camp Riverview setting provides the perfect place for an environment that enhances spiritual growth. Riverview is a non-denominational Christian Camp that provides a balanced approach to nurturing faith development of both campers and staff. It is our intention that by living in this beautiful setting, by association with other wholesome girls and through the influence and example of enthusiastic Christian athletes and staff that campers can develop a greater awareness of God’s presence and guidance in everyday life…and that they leave camp empowered to make better decisions. We thank God for the privilege everyday!