What to Expect



Parents this section has just the words that campers need to hear to learn about the excitement of what camp has to offer!


Campers…Here’s what you can expect!


  • To have one of the most memorable summers of your life.
  • To do some amazing things that you never dreamed you would or could do!
  • To make mistakes when you try new things and not feel bad about it!
  • To make friends that you will want to spend your summers with for years to come!
  • To make friends that you will get together with in the fall and spring between summers at Riverview!
  • To run into these friends when you go to college!
  • To return to camp someday as a counselor!
  • To learn what it means to truly be you!
  • To learn what it means to be the best you can be!
  • To feel close to God!
  • To love your counselors!
  • To love your tribe!
  • To hunt the buffalo rattle!
  • To swing through the trees and feel the air brush your face!
  • To splash in the pool!
  • To hit the target…better yet, to hit the bulls-eye!
  • To sit in the field or swing quietly as you talk with friends!
  • To smile non-stop!
  • To Enjoy Extraordinary Experiences Everyday!
  • To say “Thank You” to whoever sends you to Camp Riverview! (Parents/Guardians/Grandparents)
  • To cry when you leave.