Why Your Daughter Should go to Camp

Attention Parents, Guardians, Grandparents! We’d like to welcome you also and share a few of our thoughts on what Riverview has to offer to young girls. Just imagine if you could choose four qualities for your child to possess, you might choose:


A spirit of adventure, seasoned with the common sense of safety. The ability to recognize inspiration as well as the gift of inspiring others to a noble cause. A strong character, based on a solid value system, where integrity and faith are the product of such character. Confidence, not only in self, but in others and God as well.

Somehow, camping in the right place at the right time of life with the right leadership can help mold these qualities and many more. Some call it “Magic” and though that is what it feels like to a child, We call it God’s Blessings.


We are blessed with a wonderful place called Riverview, with wonderful children that you call your own, with a wonderful staff that God loans to us all, with memories we will all call “ours” because they were shared together.


Because of these blessings we can say that Adventure, Inspiration, Character and Confidence are yours to take home! We’re glad for you to have them!


To provide Camping Excellence in a Christian Environment that promotes adventure, inspiration, character and confidence!


To provide her with the best of companionship and the values of interdependence.
To encourage an appreciation for our natural surroundings and to help preserve our environment.

To help her realize the importance of closeness to God and to strengthen her sense of values.

To develop a positive sense of self that not only improves her character but inspires a positive effect on others.

To improve her skills and increase her self-confidence.

As parents ourselves, we are aware of the importance of all of these qualities, and we will be honored to be a part of your childs’ endeavor to grasp them all!


With our Thanks for your confidence in us,

Susan and Larry Hooks, Owners and Directors